T h e   G i r l s   o f   W i l l o w p l a c e

Willowplace Jessica James

Jessica has the goods looks of her top-winning sire, Supreme Grand Champion, International Winner, Willowplace Jubilation of Winfield.  If we are holding one of her babies in our hand, Jessica is right there nuzzling the baby and our hand.




Willowplace Party Doll


Dorwill Tango of Willowplace

Tango, daughter of International Winner Willowplace Rock N Roll of Dorwill and Mainette Sundance of Willowplace is a lovely, flashy girl with an exquisite head type.  She is quite a talker and loves to play.


Mainette Sundance of Willowplace

Sundance is half sister to Supreme Grand Champion, International Winner this past year - Mainette George Cooney.   Thank you D'Nette and Dave Musser for this wonderful cat, and congratulations on your outstanding breeding program.  Sundance is a very happy cat with a heavy shaggy coat, exceptional head type, and a very long body and tail.  We love her colors.

Willowplace Wish Upon A Magic Star

Wishy is a daughter of the very wild-looking Mr. Spock and certainly has the feral look herself.   She has claimed Barbara as her special human.

Willowplace Spellcaster

Spellcaster is the quite outstanding daughter of International Winner Willowplace Jubilation of Winfield and our beloved Willowplace Witches Brew.  "Cassie" is a massively boned female, sweet and beautiful and easy-going as she is large.   Spellcaster bred to our Shenendoah produced our Willowplace Magnificent Maude!   

Willowplace Dolly Parton

Dolly is a very large girl with a most easy-going purrsonality.  When you meet Dolly you just know then that she is a Dolly Parton.  She loves to take care of everyone's kittens.

Coberman Lakota of Willowplace

Lakota is genetically an outcross for Willowplace.  We love her feral look, her beautiful silver color and her shaggy coat.  She is a sweetheart.  We congratulate Greg and Mary Stout for their excellent breeding of her.

Illya Roman Holiday Princess

Princess is just that - a Princess.  She is a very special cat to us.  Princess lines go back to very, very old Maine Coon lines.  Her breeders, George and Helen Andre bred Maine Coons for more than 30 years.  Our hats are off to you, Helen and George, and you have our deepest gratitude and respect.  The Maine Coon breed would not be where it is today without the great efforts of the Andres.  Thank you, Karolyn for sharing and co-owning Princess with us.

Dorwill Archangel of Willowplace

When she bred Angel, Doris Blakeley of Dorwill did create an angel.  Angel is very pretty and she loves being a mother.

Willowplace Magnificent Maude

We enjoy Maude so much.  She is a funny cat, always making us laugh.  She is from the outstanding line down from Lilly Snow, Starbuck, A Magic Star Is Born, Witches Brew and Spellcaster, not to mention her sire Jubilation!  She is very large boned with star-quality.  We breed her to our outcrossed male, Tabbyskins Santa Fe of Willowplace.  This breeding produces wonderful, large kittens with quite an interesting pedigree.

Willowplace Marigold


Willowplace Garbo


Catalystisc Ms Grace of Willowplace

Cliff named Ms Grace and it certainly fits.  Barbara was showing Lilly Snow in 1984 and was benched next to Supreme Grand Champion Mary B's Chief White Cloud at one cat show and Barbara fell in love with The Chief.  We have enjoyed the part we have in passing on his wonderful genes through Grace.   Mary Buckmaster, Mary B's cattery, breeder of The Chief and Frances Yow, TICA judge and owner of Yofranlin cattery and The Chief, our hats are off to you.  Thank you, Verona and David Hill, Catalystisc cattery for this wonderful girl and your contribution to Maine Coons through your breeding. 

Willowplace Lady Liberty