W  e  l  c  o  m  e     t  o     W  i  l  l  o  w  p  l  a  c  e

Willowplace is a CFA Cattery of Excellence, a TICA Outstanding Cattery and a Breeder Member of MCBFA since 1981. MCBFA is an international, independent breed organization dedicated to the maintenance and preservation of this amazing breed. We have been consistently producing Supreme Grand Champions since 1983. Willowplace was established in 1981. 

The health of our kittens/cats is our foremost concern. All adults are screened for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) and Hip Dysplasia (HD).

We are located in the rolling foothills south of Greenville, South Carolina. The cats graciously share their home with us. 

Barbara is an Allbreed judge with TICA (The International Cat Association). Cliff retired from a large foodservice distributor.

Bucky and Lilly, shown on this page are two of the "Great Cats" we have been fortunate to know and love at Willowplace.

Supreme Grand Champion
Willowplace Starbuck, Outstanding Sire

"Bucky"  ~ TICA's 1986-87 15th Best Cat of All Breeds. Bucky has been the "Cat in the Picture" for Willowplace since 1987. Today he lives in luxurious retirement in Birmingham, Alabama. His great temperament, type and appearance are exemplified by Willowplace Kittens today. (HCM Clear 1992. Sonogram  by Dr. Mark Kittleson)
Bucky's Pedigree

Supreme Grand Champion
Willowplace Lilly Snow, Outstanding Dam

"Miss Lilly" ~  TICA's1984-85 17th Best Cat of All Breeds. Best female Maine Coon, first female Maine Coon to achieve an International Win. Mother of Nations. HCM Clear 1992, Sonogram performed by Dr. Mark Kittleson of UC Davis, HCM clear sonogram performed1998 at the age of 14 by Dr. Clay Calvert of the University of Georgia.

We often have quality pet, breeder or show kittens available. Many people think of Willowplace as specializing in browns and silvers with and without white. We do have a lot of those, but Cliff thinks dilutes are great, particularly blues and blue silvers, so we have quite a few of those. Cliff likes smokes, reds, red silvers, creams and bi-colors too, so those keep turning up. Did I mention solids and bi-colors? In short if you looking for a kitten of any color, get in touch.

To the best of our knowledge and belief, the pedigrees presented in this web site are true and correct.