T h e   B o y s   o f   W i l l o w p l a c e

Denver Mint


Willowplace Shenandoah

Shenendoah is the handsome, massively boned son of our Willowplace Party Doll, and brother of International Winner Willwoplace Rock N Roll of Dorwill.  Shen has the "shoelace-untie gene" and he passes it on to his kittens.  When visitors come, Shen walks up to them and rubs and head butts.  The next thing he checks out are their shoes - to see if there are laces he can untie!  The comment of many of our visitors when they meet Shenendoah and he plops down on his side next to them and rolls over is "Why would I ever want a dog?".  His list of admirers continually grows.  Shenendoah is very tall and long with a very long tail.

Tabbyskins Santa Fe of Willowplace

Santa Fe is a very special cat to us.  He was bred by Vance Stroneski and Karolyn Pettison of Tabbyskins.  Vance and Karolyn are outstanding breeders and exhibitors as well as being our good friends.  We thank you so much for sharing this wonderful male with us.  We prize the very old Maine Coon lines he is bred from.  The very old lines and outcrossed pedigree of Santa Fe is magic with our Willowplace females.  Santa Fe is quite a talker and he says yes, he likes being that kind of magician.   
When meeting visitors Santa Fe rolls over on his back and offers his chin to be scratched and his underside to be rubbed.  He can never get enough.  

 Willowplace Okeefenoke