A few male cats that are a part of the Willowplace heritage, but that are no longer breeding...

Supreme Grand Champion
Willowplace Starbuck, Outstanding Sire

"Bucky"  ~ TICA's 1986-87 15th Best Cat of All Breeds. Bucky has been the "Cat in the Picture" for Willowplace since 1987. Today he lives in luxurious retirement in Birmingham, Alabama. His great temperament, type and appearance are exemplified by Willowplace Kittens today. (HCM Clear 1992. Sonogram  by Dr. Mark Kittleson)

Grand Champion Hillside Mr. Spock of Willowplace, Outstanding Sire

Intense, primeval, dark, memorable.  Spock was sonogramed clear for HCM in 1992 at the age of  3 by Dr. Mark Kittleson, UC Davis. Barbara saw Mr. Spock at a show in Canada and fell in love with his look.


Supreme Grand Champion
Willowplace Shadrack

 Now living in Germany with Leslie Graf and still producing great kittens.

Quadruple Grand Champion
Willowplace Snow Leopard

  Snow Lep is retired now and living with friends in Nashville, Tennessee. He is behind a number of Willowplace cats that are breeding today.

Grand Champion
St. Cloud's  Silverdude of Willowplace,Outstanding Sire

Dude, the laid back lothario with a California beach boy attitude. Never misses. Dude was sonogramed clear for HCM in 1995 at the age of 3 by Dr. Clay Calvert, University of Georgia. Nancy Davenport of St. Cloud Maine Coons (TICA. It's Saintcloud Maine Coons in CFA)  in California was kind enough to share this great boy with us.

Supreme Grand Champion Willowplace Jubilation of Winfield

 TICA's International 3rd Best Cat of All Breeds, Best Maine Coon, 1997-98. 

Supreme Grand Champion
Masaitana Haut-Brion of Willowplace

All the girls just love 'The Frenchman'. We call him Obie, they just call. Obie has produced some great kittens for us and provides a nice out cross. Thank you Marianne and Herve Simone for this great cat.

Willowplace Play That Funky Music

Funky is an Odd-Eyed White cat with full hearing.