Where in the World is Willowplace Maine Coons?

Occasionally someone wants to know where we are located in the USA. To help in explaining that and to help in understanding what the weather is like in Greenville, South Carolina, USA, here are four maps and some weather information.

The first map is of the Americas, the second of the eastern USA, the third is of the Southeast USA. The the fourth is of the world. I drew a line to indicate approximate latitude and to show how some of the cities in other parts of the world relate to us.

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Driving time from the Airport in Atlanta, GA is about two hours and thirty minutes. From the Charlotte, NC Airport, about 90 minutes; from the Columbia, SC airport about an hour and forty five minutes. We are about an hour and fifteen minutes from Asheville, NC which is at a much higher elevation. We are about four hours from Charleston, SC on the coast.

Greenville is tucked into a turn in the Appalachian Mountain Chain and is protected from a great deal of unpleasant weather. Charleston, on the coast, is usually 10 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than we are and much more humid. Asheville, in the mountains, is about 10 degrees cooler than we are and gets much more snow (we hardly get any). The chart below seems about right in most things except the snow. The information was taken from Money Magazines Best Places in America web page.

If you go to the Money Magazine page, you will notice that the water in Greenville isn't considered to be very good. We are out in the country on a well and have very good water. When we did live in the city and had city water, we drank bottled water and used bottled water for the cats. This is a much better solution and the view is better.

Statistics Greenville Regional Average
Sunny days:
(Number of days per year with clear or partly clear weather)
221 213.14
Average July high
(degrees Fahrenheit):
87.6 86.73
Average January low 
(degrees Fahrenheit):
33 27.02
Average annual
rainfall (inches):
48 36.30
Average annual 
snowfall (inches):